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July, 2013

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“I wouldn’t say I have any competitors”

Sobia Nazir gained prominence as one of the few Islamabad-based fashion designers, who have made it big at the national level. She explains why she thinks she is distinct and has carved a niche for herself. 

How would you describe your journey so far. 

I had always known that I wanted to work in the fashion industry. I wanted to become a designer since I was a child. I started my career with pret wear and now Sobia Nazir comprises of multiple brands: SN Bridals; SN Formals; SN Pret Wear and SN Fabric. I consider myself extremely lucky to have landed at such a coveted position in my career now, having started in 1999. Now, I have outlets in Islamabad and Dubai and stocking nation wide in all leading stores.

What is the secret of your success?

I am a perfectionist and a control freak. I give 110% when I go to work and I expect that from the people who work with me. I put heart and soul to my work. I make  7-8 collections every year . I think hard work and my passion for work is the reason for my success .

What keeps you going?

Appreciation and Success, Ma Shaa Allah.

What is your advice for upcoming, young aspirants in the fashion field?

Success is achieved after loads of hard work and patience. So, keep going ..you are almost there!

How would you define your signature style. Market is now flooded with designer lawns and labels. Why should people buy yours?

Sobia Nazir brand is known for stylish, trendy ,glamorous yet classy and practical designs for all body types and ages . I believe clothes should not be just for the ramps or models but for real people and real bodies . I can’t design something which I can’t see myself wearing it . My designs are extension of my own personality. Sobia Nazir stands apart from rest of the brands for its timeless designs and unusual cuts and color combinations.

Some women complain lawn is becoming too expensive.

As it is of superior quality, a complete look in one pack, not to forget exclusive and a signature of excellence, I think the price is worth it!

How has the energy crisis affected your business

It is affecting us very badly as we to use alternative sources for production. Therefore, cost of everything has almost doubled.

Tell us about your lawn launch on June 3?

We  launched a very limited stock just so our clients can enjoy its exclusivity.

Your Eid collection will come out on First July. What can you tell about it?

Well, we are working on conventional prints where the fabric will pure satin silk to ensure the formality of Eid.

Tell us about your fashion inspiration ?

Inspiration can’t be restricted to just one source. It can be anything. A movie, nature, surroundings or a places I have visited. Our own culture and heritage is also very strong to get inspired.

Which foreign brand/fashion house you like the most, and why?

Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutin because of the comfort, and Oscar de la Renta for the finesse of their work

Who is biggest competitor?

I have a distinct identity and style due to which i have carved a niche in the market. Therefore, I wouldn’t say I have any competitors

Where do you fit in in the Lhr-Isb fashion divide?

I’m based In Islamabad but my designs are equally popular in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi.

What color and style would be “in” during the next few months; Whats the latest trend in fashion?

As we follow international trends, thus the queen color for this season is Emerald. Other than that, neon colors have gotten their fair share in this year’s spotlight. Sequins and lace have come on to being used as casual. As far as this season’s silhouette is concerned, its still flowy and loose while jumpsuits and palazzo pants have taken over by storm.

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